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About Queen Trinidad

I am Queen Trinidad. I use my natural born energy as a healer, medical intuitive and certified Reiki Master. I am also certified in Reflexology and sound bowl therapy. I have been healing since 2011 with over 200 clients reconstructing their chakras, heart, mind, body and soul. I can discover your unique physical, emotional. mental and spiritual realms to motivate positive energy to flow from within. As a "Lightworker" my modes of healing are empowered by the Divine Creator. He guides me in the use of non-invasive tools to bring about clarity, harmony, a positive mental attitude and self confidence,  


At Queen Trinidad Heals you will experience the most exquisite Somatic Sound Therapy with a path of healing techniques to release the pent up tension that is weighing on your emotions and physical well being. These techniques involve breathing exercises, meditation, dance and directing energy of body movements.


This type of therapy is body focused to help you relax and calm your nervous system that has been overloaded by stress. This practice utilizes your own energy feel to effectively restore your auric body. 

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